OASIS Code fo Conduct & Discipline Procedures

The OASIS program is designed to provide daily recreation in a safe space for all participants. To ensure that OASIS is a safe space for all participants for the participants involved there needs to be a code of conduct that needs to be followed. Below is a written code of conduct that all participants must follow. If these guidelines aren’t followed, a behavior plan will be implemented in order to continue to participate in this program. If behaviors continue or we determine that this program is not a good fit SWSRA has the right to remove a participant from this program.


  • Participants, Family Members, and Guardians must show respect to all participants, staff, and volunteers.

  • Participants, Family Members, and Guardians must refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm to self, other participants, or staff.

  • Participants, Family Members, and Guardians must refrain from using foul language or discussing inappropriate topics.

  • Participants, Family Members, and Guardians must show respect for equipment, supplies, and facilities.

  • Additional rules may be developed for specific programs and athletic programs as deemed necessary by staff.

  • If inappropriate behavior occurs, a prompt resolution will be sought specifically to each individual’s situation. SWSRA reserves the right to dismiss participants whose behavior endangers the safety of themselves or others. Actions may be, but not limited to: Participants, Family Members, and/or Guardians sent home, suspend the Participants, Family Members, and/or Guardians, or expel the Participants, Family Members, and/or Guardians.

The supervisor as well as the staff will interpret these rules and not limited to just these rules. It is at the discretion of the staff and supervisor to implement the discipline procedures.


  1. Warning

  2. Phone call to parent/guardian to pick up participant and be removed from the program within 30 minutes of the phone call

  3. Meeting with Parent or Guardian

  4. Possible suspension from the program

  5. Possible permanent removal from the program

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