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OASIS Participant Eligibility Requirements

  1. Individuals should be 18 years or older and no longer in school.

  2. Individuals must be able to participate at an independent level that would allow them to interact positively in a group setting with a 1:6 to 1:4 staff-to-participant ratio.

  3. Because of the staffing ratios and fundamental nature of the program (e.g., to teach and practice independent living skills for adults), individuals must display independence in their daily routine, including but not limited to being independent with personal care needs (e.g., toileting, dressing, and undressing). 

  4. Individuals must be able to actively participate in and contribute to the group during daily activities.

  5. Individuals must be able to communicate their needs to staff (verbally, through a communication device, or through another method that provides clear communication), and must be able to understand and follow directions and program rules with minimal prompting and redirection. 

  6. Individuals are expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviors/interactions while in the community, including: showing respect for all participants, staff, and the public; refraining from causing bodily harm or offensive physical contact; and refraining from making threats against all participants, staff, and the public. 

  7. Individuals must be able to adapt to changes and show flexibility in the program, including, but not limited to, periods of transition (e.g., from the facility to transportation, or from location to location).

  8. Individuals must be able to physically tolerate a high level of activity, including walking or independent mobility in various indoor/outdoor elements & terrain.

  9. Individuals with behavior plans will be re-evaluated as needed, to ensure the plan is still accurate based on the behaviors/needs of the participant and observations of staff.

  10. Individuals must have a current state ID on them at all times while at the program.

  11. All applicants for the program will be evaluated by SWSRA staff to determine whether they meet the essential eligibility requirements for the program, including the minimum cognitive and physical capabilities to participate (with or without reasonable accommodation) in a program that is designed to enhance independence and social interaction in a group setting. They will be asked questions in the evaluation and expected to respond appropriately independently

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