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We are NOW offering ZOOM calls with the Recreation Team!  If you are interested or have any questions, please send an email to  Marina,,to schedule your call today!

Instructions for How to Join a Zoom Program

Before the Zoom program... Please make sure you have:

- A solid, stable connection to the internet 

- Minimal background noise

- Minimize distractions

- A good headset for either your computer or phone


Joining a Zoom program from email invitation:

To Start: View the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ and click the link (or copy and paste link into web browser).

  1. You will be prompted to either Download or Launch Zoom.

    • You should Click “Download and Run Zoom” to download the application either on your phone or computer.

  2. After Zoom Downloads: Follow the directions on your computer to install the application.

  3. Once Zoom has been downloaded and you are able to open the link (Meeting): Follow the next Step

  4. A prompt will ask you to ‘Join with Computer Audio’ or ‘Test Speaker and Microphone’.

  5. If this is the first time you are using Zoom: Select ‘Test Speaker and Microphone’

  6. Once you have completed testing your microphone and speaker: Select ‘Join with Computer Audio’.

  7. If you do not have a web camera or microphone, That’s OK! You are more than welcome to see your friends. 


  • Animal Exploration: Come learn about animals and get the chance to share what you know. This includes scavenger hunts, learning, and teaching your friends!

  • *BINGO: Who doesn't like a good game of BINGO? Each winner will have their name put into a drawing, the drawing will take place after our main office opens. 

  • Cardio w/ Marina: Gets individuals up on their feet and moving for 30 minutes.

  • Chair Yoga: Excellent way for individuals to loosen and stretch muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation.

  • Coffee Talk: Grab your favorite morning beverage (water, tea, coffee, juice,etc.) and begin your morning talking with your peers.

  • *Decadent Desserts: Each week we will create a new delicious dessert in the kitchen!

  • *Simple Snacks: We will be learning to make simple snacks and eating the snack together. 

  • *Crafts:Come join the fun and let your creative side come out! We will be focusing on arts and craft projects.

  • Everything Music: Share the joy of music with your friends. Each week, we will listen, learn, and inspire all music lovers with various activities.

  • Lunch with Friends: Bring your lunch and socialize with your friends. We will discuss current events, video games, movies and much more!

  • *Painting with Brittany: Come show off your creative side as you learn how to paint a picture step by step. 

  • Show & Tell: Bring your favorite item and tell your friends about it!

  • Socialites: This program is for Teens & Adults who are looking for fun and plenty of laughter!

  • Trivia: Game on! Each week we will focus on a different category and everyone will get the chance to answer!

  • Weight Room: Strength exercises that use light weights (2 dumbbells,      2-5lbs) as resistance.

  • Stretch and Release: Excellent way for individuals to loosen and stretch muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation. Make sure you have a stable chair (no wheels).

  • Zoo Hopper Pass: Each week we will be visiting a different zoo virtually!

  • *Card Making: Each week we will make a different themed card. For example, holiday, thank you, just because, or thinking of you.

More About Zoom Programs... (programs vary monthly)

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